Thesis Proposal

Winfield Park is a township in New Jersey that is one of a kind. It is a small community of about 1,500 residents living in about 900 homes on only six streets. It is about the size of a modern development community, but Winfield Park is a full-fledged town with its own Mayor, pre-k- 8th grade school, police and fire department, senior center and corner store. These things may be normal and expected in other towns, but the extreme small size of the town makes these things special and incredibly unexpected here.  I was initially drawn to Winfield Park because of the township’s uniqueness and their value on remaining a close-knit community.
For my thesis, I intend on exploring the community to understand why the people of Winfield Park are so proud of their town and what makes it so special to these people. The historical background of the town has shaped Winfield Park into what it is today.  It is unique, and so are the people. By finding small details and intimate moments, I hope to paint a picture of the town through the images I produce over many visits. I hope my photographs will successfully portray the comfortable and cozy atmosphere of the town that I feel when I am there.  I hope that my photographs can inspire people to learn about and to become active members of their own community so they can help bring people together. 

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