Final Edit

Final Statement:

Winfield Park was built in 1941 under the Lanham Act to house WW II defense workers. Over the years, the town has acted like a large extended family more than just a standard township. Civic events like an official taking an oath of office are treasured as much as family memories.

The town itself is small: 1500 residents, living in 700 units, on six streets. A strong sense of nostalgia exists among the long-term members of the town. The leaders of Winfield Park continue to preserve the town with a sense of duty to the past.

Pictures of the exhibit itself to come!

Final Edit Outtakes

These are 3 pairs of images that were not hung on the wall in the exhibit but were carefully paired together and chosen in the previous edit. 


Revisit to the Firehouse Pt. 2

Detail shots

Revisit to the Firehouse Pt 1

I had the opportunity to revisit the firehouse in town and learned about some of the history behind it. Interesting visit and I appreciate everyone who came to talk to me. This is a very loose and expansive edit of the photographs.

Definitely proud

   A photograph of the make-shift firetruck the town put together while their trucks were being used at Ground Zero after 9/11

    The original records


Old Photos Preview 1

I had the honor and privilege to look through and scan many old photographs from the town of Winfield Park.  When i began looking through the photographs, I had an overwhelming feeling that these were exactly what I needed to complete this project.  This is what it's all about. Personally, I think these photographs are amazing and illustrate the idea that this town was like one big family. 
This is what they are trying to hold on to today.